This is Me

Let’s face it…this part of the blog world isn’t always easy. The part where we have to introduce ourselves and say all the smart, witty , adorable things about ourselves. The things that will cause you, the readers of the things we write to want to know us more and keep reading all the things we write.

I’ll give this my best shot. Here we go…

I’m the wife of the one I’m trying to figure out this empty nest life with. The mom of five adult children. The grandmother of 2 amazing kids and 6 pretty cute cats who I cannot be near for longer than 5 minutes without sneezing. Darn allergies! And in no particular order (except for the order it pops into my head!), I’m a girl who loves a good book, the beach in October, vacations any and every where, coffee with lots of creamer, Moscato, my family…they’re my favorite people in the world, a good Bible study, women’s conferences where it’s all about Jesus, babies, watching Netflix from my big comfy couch and movies in dark movie theaters with recliners, worship music…and classic rock, sitting outside on a perfect 70 degree day. I’m an extroverted introvert….whatever that means! I like people but I need my space. I love the chaos of having my house full of friends and family but I need a quiet room to sit in for a minute!

When other people sit back and think of me ( or they could be standing in line at Kroger or driving their car to work ….. whenever they want to think of me is fine!) , I want to be known for my faith in Jesus…the way I show love and compassion. I want people to see a Christ like boldness in me . I want to be known as someone who always (or even mostly) does the right thing but who shows great humility, kindness and integrity while doing it. I do believe it’s more important to be kind than to always have to prove myself right!

I hope I write things you’ll enjoy reading. Mostly I hope I can offer an encouraging word…an inspiring word. A word that will make you smile or laugh or just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The extroverted part of me hopes you’ll post comments on the things I write so we can continue the conversation. But whether you do that or not, I’m still gonna love ya…